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We specialize in the procurement of comparator drugs for clinical trials and research and development purposes.

About Us


A fully licensed facility for pharmaceutical distribution/wholesale which operates out of the great state of Pennsylvania.

We specialize in the procurement of comparator drugs for clinical trials and research and development purposes. We provide fast and reliable service for our clients to assure a seamless clinical trial experience. We work tirelessly on locating any and all products our clients request, even those pharmaceuticals that are considered in short supply or are specialty in nature. We pride ourselves on superior services that include, but are not limited to priority overnight shipping, real-time order tracking and hassle-free ordering processes. 

  • Comparator drug procurement specialists

  • Timely and professional sourcing team

  • 20+ years of industry experience

  • Phase I to IV clinical trial support


    Our Services

    Looking for a firm to represent your product in the US market? We specialize in launching new generic products and accumulating high volume sales with minimal operational overhead. We dedicate all our resources to assuring your product is represented appropriately, priced effectively and sold to the right vendors to assure success.
    Our focus is sourcing FDA Approved pharmaceuticals and comparator drugs to supply CRO’s , Biotech firms, and Research facilities. We have experience with selective lots, cold chain, specialty and large quantity orders. Our turnaround times are exceptional and communication with our overseas clients is made easy due to the transparency and dedication our firm has to all of our clients.
    We can work with your team with regards to logistical and custom clearance matters. We provide certificate of origins for all export orders and are familiar with the intricate and meticulous details required of all documentation necessary to successfully clear customs in various countries.
    South Shore specializes in procuring back ordered/shortage and difficult to find medications. We scour our nationwide resources and work with our industry partners to get the “in need” pharmaceutical products into the hands of the people who need it most.

    Product Quality

    Product integrity and quality is our top concern.

    We have a team of dedicated professionals with years of industry experience to assure that all pharmaceuticals are stored, handled, and shipped according to the highest regulatory standards. We are well versed in handling temperature controlled products, specific requests for various lot and expiry requests, and specialty medications. South Shore Pharmaceuticals will always work diligently to deliver per your exact specifications.

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